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Aeration Industries International, Inc. – Chaska, Minnesota
Aire-O2 Aspirating Aerators, Triton Process Aerator/Mixer, Tri-Oval, Unisystem

Aeration Solutions Inc. (ASI) – Lexington, Tennessee
Individually patented /product/process aeration systems for wastewater treatment

Anue Water Technologies – Carlsbad, California
Automated Lift Station clean-out for FOG removal, Odor Control, and more

AquaTurbo Systems, Inc. – Springdale, Arkansas
Direct Drive Surface Aerators, Mixers, Decanters

Auger Feeders, Ltd. – Frazer, PA
Stainless Steel Volumetric Feeders, direct replacements for Merrick and BIF

Bay Products, Inc. – Stateline, Nevada
A COMPLETE line of Odor Control Systems

BDP Industries – Greenwich, New York
Sludge Dewatering, Belt Filter Press, Gravity Belt Thickener

Cambridge Water Technology – Cambridge, Mass.
Patented process for high capacity solids removal and enhanced biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater and the production of process water

ECS House Manufacturing Company, Inc. – Cherry Valley, AR
Floating Brush Aerators, Portable Trailer-mounted Aerators

Envirodyne Systems Inc. – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Clarifiers, Drives, Oxidation Ditches, Grit Removal, Sludge Thickeners & Presses

Flo Trend Systems Inc. – Houston, TX
Filter Containers and other Dewatering Equipment, Liquid/Solid Separation, Polymer

Flottweg Separation Technology – Waxhaw, North Carolina
Centrifugal Decanters, Separators, and Belt Presses for all separation applications

Golden Harvest – Burlington, WA
Fabricated Sluice, Weir, Shear, Flap, Slide and Tide Gates

Hendrick Screen Company – Owensboro, KY
Sieve Screens, Lateral Flow Thickeners, Water Intake and Wedgewire Screens

Huber Technology – Huntersville, North Carolina
Solid/Liquid Separation for Wastewater and Water using all Stainless Steel Equipment

ITT Sanitaire – Brown Deer, Wisconsin
Austgen Biojet Group “ICEAS” - Sequencing Batch Reactors

Koch Membrane Systems – Wilmington, Mass.
Ultrafiltration, Nanofilttration, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane BioReactors for Wastewater

Lemna Technologies, Inc. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Floating Modular Covers and Lagoon Processes based on those Covers

Miox Corporation – Albuquerque, New Mexico
On-Site Mixed Oxidant and Chlorine Generators – a safe, effective alternative to Gas Chlorination

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc.– Warrendale, PA
Ozone Disinfection Systems

PureFlow Inc – Graham, North Carolina
Designs, Builds, Installs, and Maintains superior water purification equipment

Royce Technologies Div. of ITT/Sanitaire – Charlotte, NC
DO, TSS, ph/ORP, CO2 Monitoring and Controls, Interface Level (Sludge) Analyzers

Spirac Conveying Technology – Newnan, Georgia
Shaftless screw conveyor equipment meeting the solids material handling needs of industries throughout the world

United Blower, Inc. – Ball Ground, GA
Complete Blower Systems including Acoustical Enclosures and P.D. Blowers

Water, Inc. – Nashville, Tennessee
Factory Built Wastewater Treatment Plants * Tertiary Filters * Clarifiers