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Following is a list of several of the manufacturers represented by Johnson Equipment Company.  This list is not all of our manufacturers nor all of our products.  Please let us know if  you need additional information.  These lists are arranged in alphabetical order by manufacturer's name under Process Equipment and Pumping Equipment.  Please scroll down to see Pumping Equipment.


Aquarius Technologies, Inc. - Port Washington, WI
Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process (MSABPTM), Electro Catalytic Process
AquaTurbo Systems, Inc. – Springdale, Arkansas
Direct Drive Surface Aerators, Mixers, Decanters
Auger Feeders, Ltd. – Frazer, PA
Stainless Steel Volumetric Feeders, direct replacements for Merrick and BIF
Bay Products, Inc. – Stateline, Nevada
A COMPLETE line of Odor Control Systems
BDP Industries – Greenwich, New York
Sludge Dewatering, Belt Filter Press, Gravity Belt Thickener
Bulk Conveyor Specialists, Inc. – McKeesport, PA
Belt and Screw Conveyors, Grit Removal, Storage Silos, Lime Stabilization & Feeders
Entex Technologies Inc. - Chapel Hill, NC
IFAS (Integrated Fixed-film Act. Sludge) systems - BioWeb, BioPortz and Webitat
Envirodyne Systems Inc. – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Clarifiers, Drives, Oxidation Ditches, Grit Removal, Sludge Thickeners & Presses
Flo Trend Systems Inc. – Houston, TX
Filter Containers and other Dewatering Equipment, Liquid/Solid Separation, Polymer
Golden Harvest – Burlington, WA
Fabricated Sluice, Weir, Shear, Flap, Slide and Tide Gates
Hendrick Screen Company – Owensboro, KY
Sieve Screens, Lateral Flow Thickeners, Water Intake and Wedgewire Screens
House Manufacturing Company, Inc. – Cherry Valley, AR
Floating Brush Aerators, Portable Trailer-mounted Aerators
Huber Technology – Huntersville, North Carolina
Solid/Liquid Separation for Wastewater and Water using all Stainless Steel Equipment
ITT Sanitaire - Brown Deer, Wisconsin
Austgen Biojet Group “ICEAS” - Sequencing Batch Reactors
Koch Membrane Systems – Wilmington, MA
Ultrafiltration, Nanofilttration, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane BioReactors for Wastewater
Lemna Technologies, Inc. – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Floating Modular Covers and Lagoon Processes based on those Covers
Miox Corporation – Albuquerque, New Mexico
On-Site Mixed Oxidant and Chlorine Generators – a safe, effective alternative to Gas Chlorination
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc.- Warrendale, PA
Ozone Disinfection Systems
Portacel Disinfection, ITT/Sanitaire – The Woodlands, TX
Gas and Liquid Dosing Technology; Chlorination; Dechlorination; Monitoring & Control
Royce Technologies, Division of ITT/Sanitaire – Charlotte, NC
DO, TSS, ph/ORP, CO2 Monitoring and Controls, Interface Level (Sludge) Analyzers
SSI Aeration - Poughkeepsie, NY
Disc or Tube Diffusers, Blowers and accessories for diffused aeration systems
Solids Dewatering Systems - St. Louis, Missouri
Gravity Flow & Vacuum Assisted Sludge Dewatering Systems * Polymer Feed Systems
United Blower, Inc. – Ball Ground, GA
Complete Blower Systems including Acoustical Enclosures and P.D. Blowers
Water, Inc. - Nashville, Tennessee
Factory Built Wastewater Treatment Plants * Tertiary Filters * Clarifiers

American Turbine Pump, Inc. - Lubbock, Texas
Vertical Lineshaft Turbine Pumps * Submersible Turbine Pumps * Vertical Axial Flow & Mixed Flow Propeller Pumps
Dakota Pump, Inc. - Mitchell, South Dakota
Factory Engineered & Manufactured Below & Above Ground Sewage Lift Stations * Dry Pit * Water Booster Pump Stations * Self -Priming Stations * Vacuum Primed Pump Stations * Valve Vaults
D & D Machine Specialists, Inc. – Fort Meyers, Florida
Engine/Hydraulically Driven Propeller Pumps –Portable and Permanent Installation
Pumps & Power Company - El Dorado, Arkansas
Factory Engineered & Manufactured Sewage Lift Stations - Self-Priming, Submersible Grinder & Non-Clog Types * Water Booster Stations * Valve Vaults
Vogelsang USA – Ravenna, Ohio
“Pulsation free” Rotary Lobe Pump for Sludge – In-Line “Rota-Cut” Grinder
Zoeller Engineered Products - Louisville, Kentucky
Submersible Non-Clog & Grinder Sewage Pumps * Controls * Basins * Explosion & Non-Explosion Proof, Submersible Grinder Pumps * Sump Pumps * Effluents * Packaged Stations * Accessories